The first real estate network in France.

Created in 1965, ORPI is currently the 1st real estate network in France. 
With more than 1,250 agencies and 6,000 co-workers throughout the country such a presence and potential facilitates transactions between sellers and buyers.


Why choose the Leader ?

Because having the widest possible choice is important...
The ORPI network has a unique advantage in the real estate sector ; its shared database with about 100.000 real estate announcements.
In order to get the most from a complete range of services :

• Buying
• Sales
• Rentals
• Holiday rentals
• Rental management
• Management of Property owners’ Association
• Business and commercial properties

The foundation stones of a successful ORPI network

The “ORPI” trade mark is powerful; it is well-known, easily recognized and rapidly expanding.
The ORPI shared database is a unique commercial strength in the real estate sector. It strongly contributes to the quality of customer service..
ORPI know-how is based on innovative business expertise, calling for maximum quality in its application.

A multi-support media presence for a record audience

Television: powerful advertising campaigns broadcast on all the major channels.
Press: a qualitative presence in the major real estate press (l’Express, Capital, L’Expansion).
Real estate free press: "newspapers " which buyers and sellers really appreciate., the leader among all French real estate websites.
ORPI recognized and consulted as a reliable reference on the real estate market.

The "ORPI" trade mark, a guarantee of security

The guarantees which a real estate agent brings you...
Our profession is regulated by the “Hoguet” law of January 2nd, 1970 of which the main aim is consumer protection. 

The "ORPI" trade mark, a guarantee of quality

Service is the very basis of our profession.
Because our business is complex, ORPI real-estate agents benefit from non-stop training in order to keep up to date with all aspects of the real estate market.
Thus, you, in turn benefit from the services and skills that only a large organization is able to offer you.
At the same time, you have immediate and personalized contact with a real professional, a specialist in his field and always available to listen to, inform and advise you.

With an average of 47.000 sales a year, 6.000 co-workers and more than 1.250 real estate agencies, Orpi is currently the 1st real estate network in France. 

For more than 40 years, the strength and the exclusive nature of the Regional Organization of Real Estate Professionals is based on its shared database. Orpi has also developed a Web site which represents an extremely powerful shop window for sellers and buyers, with about 100.000 real estate announcements and close to one million four hundred visitors a month. Its organization is also unique in the real estate sector because Orpi is not a franchise, but the grouping of independent companies wishing to pool their tools of development and communication for the benefit of all.