If I decided myself to settle in Tampa Bay area when I originally bought my business it is simply because this overlooked area has huge advantages over the others, including Miami. Firstable, it is the 2nd economic zone of the state, it identifies over 4 million inhabitants! If you actually are a resident from another state planning to relocate in Florida, just keep in mind that there is a reason why it is called "the sunshine state". Living or making grow your business here signify enjoying a high quality of life : White sand beaches, palm trees offering an impressive fauna and a breathtaking flora...


If you're actually considering relocating to Florida, Miami is probably the spot you have in mind. Multicultural, Hispanic, it is a very pleasant city to visit. But, just like PARIS which sounds very romantic, in reality, it is a high cost of living especially in the real estate sector (prices are at least 30% higher). Miami is also much more exposed to hard climatics conditions like hurricanes since it is directly open to East coast, facing the ocean. Consequently, insuring your home or your business, will cost you so much more. Finally, you will find there much more competition.
Just click on the link below to obtain official statistics pertaining to the cost of living and comparing both areas:

Cost of living comparison: Miami vs. Tampa Bay

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Tampa Bay area is also extremely touristic. Located in the Gulf of Mexico it offers a warmer and drier climate , and greater protection against climatic hazards broad protection against climatic hazards as 450km separate it from the Atlantic coast. TAMPA has many cultural attractions, offers a wide range of leisurely activities and boasts some of the finest beaches including, Clearwater Beach (repeatedly elected finest U.S beach ). It is also located a mere hour away from world renowned Orlando and has some of its very own amusement and water parks as well. TAMPA has been relishing an extraordinary growth the past five years, it is even described by few as the "new El Dorado of Florida". Here are a few articles on the subject :