What you need to know first...

If you already live in the U.S I'll be happy to help you find your new home, commercial building or new business.

If not, ONLY an Attorney specialized in immigration is able to help you apply for a Visa referring to US immigration laws and requirements. Below is some information provided in order to help you determine whether your project is realistic or not. To go further, if you wish, I can put you in touch with such an attorney, knowing that your first phone interview is always free...


The U.S residential market is actually in full recovery, prices continue to rise month after month, but it is still time to get an excellent deal!

I will be delighted to assist you in this procurement process . If you live outside the USA know that you have no administrative procedure to perform to buy or invest in a residential area in Florida.

Whether for rent (annual lease, Airbnb , seasonal lease... ) or to enjoy your second home . I am available to help you make the right choice considering your personnal expections:

- Condo

- Townhouse

- Single house

- Land

Once again, it is a personalized accompaniment.

BEWARE, buying a property does NOT allow you to live in the USA or to obtain any visa.


The location of your business is one of the most important criteria to take care of.

You can offer your customers the best service in the world , but if you're not visible , only substantial expenditures and regularly communication will allow you to prosper. Consequently, it is best to determine a budget from the start that corresponds with your ambitions for your commercial location.


If you're looking to start your activity, you'll need to build a case in which appear the commercial lease agreement with an affiliated Landlord. Different kind of lease exist with equal renewal options. It is an important step that should not be overlooked because when landlords are facing newcomers they're more cautious and usually increase their warantee. Acompanying you through this procces is complementary part of our services.


What could be better than taking over an existing business with its offering and customer base you can boost by bringing your personal touch?

Over the years, we have primarily been involved in the food and beverages industry: Catering, fast food, bar, wine bar, bakery ... and franchise but we can help in various sectors.

Immigration candidates: The commonly used process is that of the application of an E2 visa (investor). This process is demanding, but keep in mind that it will always be easier to acquire an existing business to get your foot in the door because the activity is concrete for the U.S government since you can provide already exsiting documents like tax returns.

This can even prevent you from writing a business plan and glean the maximum time (5 years renewable). Additionally, a necessary commercial lease is already in progress ... Having personally gone through this process twice already makes me uniquely qualify to help you place yourself and your business, best suited for your project goals. Also note that a greencard application is also possible in the framework of a substantial investment ($500,000 and up)

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